Web Performance…Points need to think

Posted: January 28, 2014 in General, PHP, SQL, Technology

If you want to improve your Web performance in your project, then you need to think/Answer on below points:
● How many database connections do I have in my code?
● How many request are going in my application?
● How much time does every select (db) statement spend?
● How many select statements do you have in your code?
● Are they inside loops?
● Do I really need them? Can I cache them?
● How many functions are there in my application? Can we replace with inbuilt functions?

● Is it really necessary to perform my transactions (Inserts, Updates) online inside the user request?
● Is it possible to reduce transactions?
● Is it possible to queue them?
● How much unused data I am fetching from server/Database?
● Does my server support big load conditions and a high number of concurrent users?
● How much CPU does the application use per request?
● How much memory does the application use per request?


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