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MySQL – Speed of UPDATE Queries ?
Update queries are optimized as a SELECT query with the additional overhead of a write. The speed of the write is dependent on the size of the data that is being updated and the number of indexes that are updated. Indexes that are not changed will not be updated.

Also, another way to get fast updates is to delay updates and then do many updates in a row later. Doing many updates in a row is much quicker than doing one at a time if you lock the table. (more…)


Lately, I’ve been wondering what it really takes to become a popular blogger. Is it a fair luck game or is it that only people who can push in lots of capital can become famous. I’ve been searching for answers for almost two years now. Here are some of the quickest and most adorable answers I found. The ideas are taken up from a lot of blogs around the web and I am indebted to those blogs for being there. They have changed my life forever. Follow these 101 tips and you’ll master the art of creating popular blogs. The techniques are around and have evolved all these years. This is the right time to learn the real meaning of blogging and how to stand out as a blogger. I’ve also listed some of the most wonderful blogs that I read everyday. Visit them and learn for yourself that techniques described in 101 lists are actually put into practice by these blogs. Philosophies First

1. Keep patience with blogging – nothing happens instantly

2. Do your best every time – no matter what time it takes

3. Don’t quit – If you quit, you’ll never know how far you could have reached

4. If you don’t know something, learn it.

5. Keep changing from time to time – adopt with latest things around the web. (more…)